In the Netherlands you can see and buy our products directly at FairPlaza in Culemborg.

Beesdseweg 5
4104 AW Culemborg
T +31 0345-200201

When you become Doenya reseller, you get our support all the way...

• Do you have a website where you are selling Doenya products?

• Are you attending a trade show or a fair and carry any Doenya products?

With our long standing presence on the market we will help you to spread the word. Let us know and we will help you to promote your webshop or an event you are selling at on our website and social networks.

Next to that, all our resellers are eligible to free support, including use of our product images and descriptions and use of the HappyPlanet* logo on their website.

Just drop us a line if you’re interested to know more details or looking for bigger quantity of items you discovered at FairPlaza! You can download our product catalog on our homepage.


*Happy Planet Professionals is a movement of socially conscious independent professionals. We want to maximize our positive impact on society and minimize our negative impact. We focus on integrity and transparency, human and animal welfare and climate, nature and the environment.