Because We Care

Whether you're caring for your leather bag, pouch, jacket, suede skirt or even your horse-riding accessories - we have you covered! With our newly introduced leather and suede care product line Doenya Delight you can rest assured knowing that you're using the highest quality products on the market.

Doenya Leather Delight (300ml) - Preserves and cleans glossy and shiny leather. Doenya Leather Delight is colorless and therefore perfect for all colors of leather. Contains no silicones or solvents.
- Includes reusable sponge for the perfect application.

Doenya Suède Delight (250ml) - Formulated to clean and preserve all suede and nubuck materials. Safe to use on all colors, works great with suede brushes.
- Easy and convenient application from a spray bottle.

You can purchase our leather cleaning products at selected events and festivals or online at Doendoe Webshop.

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